Mr. Tim

Tim Horton, Education Director at the St. Charles unit.

The St. Charles unit of BGCSTC had over 60 members in the Reading for Success program. The purpose of this program is to prevent the “Summer Slide” that occurs when children don’t read and engage in other educational activities during the summer months.

Mr. Tim Horton, Education Director, worked with the children beginning at 7:00 a.m. At the beginning of the summer, 18% of participants tested at “Critically Below” grade level. Ten weeks later, only 6% tested at this level.  Similarly, 17% began the summer “Exceeding” grade level. Today, 54% are exceeding grade level.

Overall, the entire class gained a grade level during Summer Blast. Thank you to Tim and the many volunteers who made this possible! #GreatFuturesStartHere