These naming opportunities are a great way to leave a lasting impact on the members of BGCSTC while also taking advantage of our Tax Credit Programs.  Call (636) 688-8553 or email Jacquelynne McClelland, Director of Resource Development, to schedule a meeting today to learn more about the impact of your gift on our young members.

St. Charles Unit Naming Opportunities

Building/ Place Available Amount Donor
The St. Charles Club $1,000,000
Gymnasium $250,000 Taken
Multi-Purpose Gym $200,000
Community Room (Dining Room) $150,000
Kitchen $100,000 Taken
Games Room $100,000
Concession Area (Lower Level) $100,000
Discovery Room (Future Construction) $100,000
Art Studio $75,000 Taken
Teen Room $25,000 Taken
 Learning Center $50,000 Taken
Computer Lab $50,000 Taken
Cadet Room $50,000 Taken
Administrative Lobby & Entrance $50,000
Administrative Conference Room $50,000 Taken
Reading Lab $35,000 Taken
Main Entrance Lobby $25,000 Taken
Main Entry Vestibule $25,000
Membership Office $25,000
Chief Executive Officer Office $25,000
Unit Director Office $25,000
Small Conference Room $25,000 Taken
Scoreboards in Gym $25,000 (pending)
Finance Office $20,000
Community Outreach/Volunteer Office $15,000
Officr Manager (Exec. Assistant) $15,000 Taken
Gymnasium Entry- Lower Level $15,000
Athletic Office #1 $15,000 Taken
Athletic Office #2 $15,000
Patio $15,000
Resource Development Director Office  $10,000  Taken
Teen Office  $10,000  Taken
Garden $5,000

O’Fallon Unit Naming Opportunities

 Building/ Place Available Amount Donor
O Fallon Building $500,000
Gymnasium $50,000
Electronic Sign $33,000 Taken
Games Room $25,000
Garden $15,000
Unit Director’s Office $15,000
Learning Center $15,000
Computer Lab $15,000
Front Lobby $10,000
Teen Center $10,000
Art Studio $10,000
 Small Group Conference $10,000
 Scoreboard $10,000
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