10-12 Years Programs

10-12 Years Programs are open to all Club members in this age range. Please see select program for unit location and  hours.

10-12 Years Programs STEAM Programs

STEAM Programs

Age 6 – 18 Years

STEAM Programs include: Infinity & Beyond, Lego Camp, DIY Stem, Robotics and more!

10-12 Years Programs Power Hour

Power Hour

Age 6-18 Years

Power Hour helps Club Members achieve academic success through homework support, tutoring, and technology-engaged activities. Assistance, resources, and guidance are provided in a safe place for learning.

10-12 Years Programs Project Learn

Project Learn

Age 6 – 18 Years

Project Learn reinforces the skills and knowledge young people learn at school during the hours they spend at the Club.

10-12 Years Programs Reading For Success

Reading for Success

Age 6 – 18 Years

Reading for Success includes: vocabulary exercises, guided story reading, comprehension activities, fluency building exercises, written follow-up activities, and enrichment activities.

10-12 Years Programs Robotics


Age 8 – 18 Years

The robotics team teaches youth how to build and engineer a robot.

10-12 Years Programs Super Readers

Super Readers

Age 6 – 18 Years

Super Readers engages members in books, phonics, and games.

10-12 Years Programs Torch Club

Torch Club

Age 11 – 13 Years

Torch Club is a small-group leadership and service club through which Club staff help meet the special character development needs of youth.

10-12 Years Programs Passport to Manhood

Passport to Manhood 

Age 8 – 17 Years

Passport to Manhood teaches responsibility to Club boys ages 8-17.

10-12 Years Programs Smart Girls

Smart Girls 

Age 6 – 18 Years

SMART Girls is a small-group health, fitness, prevention/education and self-esteem enhancement program designed to meet the developmental needs of girls in three age groups.

10-12 Years Programs Meth Smart

Meth Smart

Age 8 – 18 Years

Meth Smart teaches adolescent, pre-teen, and teen members to say “No” to drugs as part of the overal SMART curriculum.

10-12 Years Programs Smart Moves

Smart Moves 

Age 6 – 18 Years

The SMART (Skills Mastery and Resistance Training) Moves program is a nationally-acclaimed prevention program.

6-9 Years Positive Sprouts Logo

Positive Action

Age 6 – 18 Years

Positive Action promotes an intrinsic interest in learning and encourage cooperation among members.

10-12 Years Programs Anti-Bullying

Anti Bullying

Age 6 – 18 Years

Anti-Bullying teaches youth what bullying looks like, how to help someone who is being bullied, and how to refrain from bullying.

10-12 Years Programs Healthy Habits

Healthy Habits 

Age 6 – 18 Years

Health Habits Cooking strives to improve the health of members through physical activity, good nutrition, and healthy relationships.

10-12 Years Programs Positive Sprouts Logo

Positive Sprouts

Age 6 – 18 Years

The Positive Sprouts: Garden Club teaches members the importance of eating healthy foods by building and tending gardens. O’Fallon unit only.

10-12 Years Programs Drama Matter

Drama Matters

Age 6 – 18 Years

Lessons in Stagecraft teach members about: set design and building, stage lighting, costumes, stage make-up, and directing.

10-12 Years Programs National Fine Arts

National Fine Arts

Age 6 – 18 Years

The National Fine Arts program teaches nine different techniques of visual arts, with the option to create artwork for display in a local exhibit.

10-12 Years Programs Arts Crafts Club Logo

Arts & Crafts Club

Age 6-18 Years

The Arts & Crafts Club provides students with a space to learn and create.

10-12 Years Programs Basketball Logo

Youth Sports: Basketball

1st-8th Grades

Members learn the fundamentals of basketball as well as being a team player and good sportsmanship.

10-12 Years Programs Cheerleading Logo

Youth Sports: Cheer

Age 6-14 Years

Members learn the fundamentals of cheer, including motions, spiriting and stunting.

10-12 Years Programs Football Logo

Youth Sports: Football

2nd-8th Grades

Members learn the fundamentals of football as well as teamwork and social skills.

10-12 Years Programs Karate Logo

Youth Sports: Martial Arts

Age 6-18 Years

Members learn the fundamentals of Karate, while also teaching life skills.

O’Fallon unit only: download the registration form.

10-12 Years Programs Volleyball Logo

Youth Sports: Volleyball

3rd-8th Grades

Members learn the fundamentals of volleyball, teamwork, and good sportsmanship.

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